The Arpia Hotel is a friendly boutique hotel located in the Çukurbağ Peninsula (yarımadası) jutting out from Kaş proper. It is a refreshing walk or a short drive to Kaş town center (meydan). We invite you to come watch the dolphins swim while catching the beautiful sunset. Tell us if you observe the “Buddha” man in the sea at sunsets.

There are 21 rooms in The Arpia Hotel with balconies and there are beautiful views of the sea from nearly all the rooms. There are 9 rooms which are directly parallel to the coastline. Rooms are simple without excessive decoration. The hotel has a small theatre-like area close to the reception desk and several terraces and relaxation areas.

The Arpia Hotel boasts a private swimming pool, barbeque area and private swimming platforms seaside where particular care has been taken to ensure that they blend in with nature. There are several very private levels with secluded areas for guests. The path has about 60 steps leading down to sea-level, and it is well lit after sunset.

Mailing address:
Fethi Akkoç Sokak,
Çukurbağ Peninsula (yarımadası)
Kaş Antalya 07580, Turkey

Tel: +90 242 836 2642
Fax: +90 242 836 1605