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Necmiye Tosun Çukurova and the Arpia Hotel Team

Meet your local connection in Kaş, Necmiye Tosun Çukurova and the Arpia Hotel Team!

Necmiye Tosun Çukurova is the new manager of the Arpia Hotel located on the Çukurbağ Peninsula (not to be confused with Çukurbağ village outside of Kaş). She is 29 years old and was born in Siegburg Germany.

The staff of the Arpia Hotel enjoy working in the Arpia. Most of the staff have been at the hotel more than 3 years and some have been with Arpia for 7 years. All of the staff work together as a family and everyone pitches in to make the customer’s stay as pleasant as possible.

Yusuf Sarıca has been with Arpia for over 7 years, Nuri Bilecen for over 3 years and Birsen Oval has been making sure your rooms are clean and fresh for over 8 years.

Necmiye believes in a professional attitude toward customer service. She and her team try to go out of their way to satisfy customers. No is the last word they say to their customers, as there is always a solution for a request or a problem. They believe in making the guest feel special and unique.

Necmiye gives high praise and many thanks to the Arpia staff for their support and help during this new period for her. She says they have helped her out a lot in the hotel and believes they have all made a good start to the 2011 season.